The Love Between Brothers And Sister Is Forever Personalized Ornament Gift For Sister And Brother



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If you have a sibling who is your best friend, you’ll love this personalized snow globe shaped acrylic ornament. It’s a cute and meaningful way to celebrate your bond and show your love.
You can customize it with your names and appearance of characters as siblings. It’s a perfect gift for yourself, your sibling, or any other family member who appreciates your relationship.
You can hang it on your tree, wall, or anywhere you like. It will remind you of your sibling’s presence and love. It’s a perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, or any other occasion.
This personalized snow globe shaped acrylic ornament is the ultimate gift for siblings who are forever.


  • The Love Between Brother & Sisters Is Forever
  • The Love Between Sisters Is Forever


  • One-sided design
  • Made of Aluminum, so it will not break when you put them away or if they fall off the pine tree
  • Dimensions: 3.5"x3.5"
  • Thickness: 3mm.
  • Ornaments are coated with an adhesive solvent which makes them more durable.
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Customer Reviews

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Arveda "Freddie" Kirk
Great memories

A couple of years ago I gifted my family with Christmas ornaments that were my brothers and sisters. At that time 2 of the brothers had passed so they had wings. This year. We lost another brother and sister so my sister asked if I could update her ornament, which I was able to do through now there are 2 of us without wings and it is perfect!