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Go JSU Grandpa

This is a perfect replica of my Grandpa when he played football at JSU.

Best gift ever!

Super awesome gift. Quality was great. Fast delivery. Super. Can’t wait to get another one!


When I saw it, I knew it was something I wanted. Now that I have it, words can't describe how it looks. This was the most important and most meaningful reenlistment for me. To be able to capture it like this is special. I will forever cherish this as displays along with other memories. Thank you!!!

Was surprised!

Was really surprised how well wonderful this product was, very nicely made with the background and printing, and the special image I give them they were able to remove the white background so the normal flag background came through, GREAT JOB!

What I have

Looks good, I’m happy with what I’ve got!!!

Customer Service top notch

So I ordered a tumbler back in Dec 2023 for my nieces graduation. When it came it was not the right one but no one told me. It wasn't until the end of January that I saw the tumbler and was shocked that it was a fireman's shield instead of the right design. So I reached out to them after over 45 days and they were happy to correct the mistake. And it is beautiful. Couldn't be more pleased with this company and their immediate correction.

Outstanding Product!

The Oath of Enlistment poster is a must have for anyone who has served in the Armed Forces. It was an excellent addition to my military service wall in my man cave


I love the blanket , it turned out better than I expected. It’s very soft. Arrived quickly and was a valentine gift for me lol. Rueger passed away in 2021 and we got Callie shortly after…

Retirement Gift - Shirt

This shirt was perfect. Big crowd pleaser. Going to wear it when he returns to work just to visit

Awesome Jacket!

I ordered this for my Father and he absolutely loved it! But after owning it for about a month it got destroyed in a fire! So I'm ordering him another exact same one! They are nicely done!

The Flags arrangements

Ok, received my order on 1.29.24 with a few minor errors (1) my duty station for Camp Stanley Korea should be the Korea flag and not the United States flag.(2)Ft. Sill Oklahoma Flag should be Oklahoma State flag and not Korea Flag,(3) Ft. Polk Louisiana should be Louisiana State Flag and not the Korean Flag, other than that it a marvelous Piece of art.

Freaking love this

We bought 2 blankets exactly the same for my 2 adult children since we are obsessed with our 4 pets. These are so high quality and look great! Highly recommend!

Happy dog..🤗

Really like the way the blanket turned out. It is very soft and my dog loves it. I will order others for gifts.

Err Body love's it

Love the case Errbody loves it we'll be ordering again and even have some friends ready to order Thanks again you 👂 from me again

Very nice looking product

I received my poster canvas of duty stations throughout my career, and the quality and craftsmanship are excellent, the price was reasonable and I received it in a timely manner. The only complaint is that there are two typos on the item that I introduced, but I would have hoped that there was some quality control that would have caught it and contacted me. The typos are I entered 98 instead of 88 for one of my duty stations (the subsequent duty station has a start year of 88), and a missing number on another duty station (8 instead of 88), again something that I would have hoped someone caught. Regardless it is proudly hanging in my office and aside from the two minor issues, it's a wonderful addition to my military memorabilia collection.

My Favorite cousin

Lem Barney is the reason that I attended Jackson State University and I was so proud when he made it to the pros. This ornament is so special and dear to my family. Thank you so much.

Handsome ornaments

This ornament looks exactly like Buster Barnett who played with the Buffalo Bills. It's like you did a 'Honey I shrunk the kids' on a grown up. This is a miniature him. My ornament is so handsome. It makes my heart skip a beat.
Thank you for such an awesome, thoughtful, and brilliant idea. Thank you for your fast delivery as well. I just ordered last week. THANKS


Awesome shirts, fits great, looks great. Love them..

Great gift item

Wonderful item as a birthday gift. Blends into our fire dept. themed home perfectly. Shipped with care. And, I was impressed with how quickly it arrived, thank you!

Great product

Crammed 6 girls onto this ornament and it came out great!! My crew was thrilled with them!! Will warn that they are very fragile! With that being said, I had to reorder 2 of them, with no hassle at all...a simple email made it happen!! Easy to do business with InterestPod!! Will use them again!! ❤️❤️

Great poster

I loved the poster. My only recommendation is that veterans could put thir command patches instead of the state / country. This should be an easy upgrade. I did modify mine. See attached photo. Thanks

Love Them ❣️❣️❣️

I bought three blankets for Christmas, one for my sister, one for my brother and one for myself all in different colors.Good quality they're soo soft and they came fast. 🥰